Irish Companies Look to Hire 150 Apprentices in the Motor Industry

It has recently been announced that the Irish motor industry is offering up to 150 apprentice opportunities, which is welcome news for young people living in Ireland.

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The Motor Industry

The motor industry is made up of different departments and areas of speciality, and those that are looking for applicants include motor mechanics and vehicle maintenance and also areas involving agricultural and construction vehicles.


Anyone interested in starting on one of the schemes needs to find an employer they want to work for and who is able to take them on for the four-year apprenticeship. They will then need to complete the application process, and once they have been approved they will need to register themselves and the scheme with SOLAS, who manage the programme and coordinate further education and training in Ireland. This is also the organisation that will be responsible for awarding the relevant qualifications and ensuring standards and criteria are met and maintained.

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In Ireland, there are 42,000 people employed by the motor industry, and it is hoped that this new initiative will expand the number of opportunities available. Advertising and promotion of the scheme will take place during National Jobs Week, as well as via other relevant platforms. If you are lucky to be invited to an interview, you will want to make a great first impression, dressing smart and sleek in Farah Shirts from online retailers such as, along with a smile and a firm handshake will certainly put you on top of the other competition.

Ireland needs schemes such as this to help young people secure employment and get a foot on the career ladder. Ireland has more young people still living at home with their parents than the UK, and it is thought this is because of the lack of career opportunities.


Other options include sales and motor trade insurance. Customers asking why do I need motor trade insurance are looking for professional service and accurate information, and customer service is key to the success of manufacturers. Similarly, after-sales and ongoing maintenance are often the incentive customers need when investing in a new vehicle.

Although the motor industry is suffering due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and a lack of consumer confidence, there is still lots to be positive about. New technologies are being developed all the time, and with the rise in popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, it is an exciting time to be working in the industry. Anyone looking for a career in this field can find job security and job satisfaction in a variety of roles.